Teabaggers: This is what 1+ million people at the US Capitol looks like…

The Million Man March

The Million Man March

2009 Presidential Inauguration - Right Click picture, click View Image to see entire picture.

Obama Inauguration vs Teabagger's Rally

Just how pathetic do you have to inflate numbers to that degree? And if you would lie about that, what else are you lying about? Things that make you go, “mmmm!”


12 Comments to “Teabaggers: This is what 1+ million people at the US Capitol looks like…”

  1. If you think this is so important darling why wasn’t your so called crowd in January there to show your support for the White House today?? I will tell you why…….50% or more was with us today…face it darling…your crowd is getting smaller and smaller everyday.

    • Because it is a MUCH more fun to watch these crazies from afar. Besides, it was a TEABAGGER party. We weren’t invited. 🙂

      • Demonicvixen- I think you have a fan! Lizzygram keeps calling you “darling” – sounds like a crush to me!

      • Typical southern “etiquette.” Call you hun, sweetie, darling, etc… while insulting you. It’s far too transparent to phase me. ::wink::

  2. Well, the next year …when we go again, we will make real sure honey you are invited along with all of the ones in your photos above if they aren’t all with us by then. I know that is why Obama left home to get away…far far away, Was he just alittle chicken about maybe facing us??

    • I’m sure that he was quaking in his boots. Especially with all of the veiled death threats that you guys throw his way. “I came unarmed – this time.” Real classy. Ranked right up there with the burying health care reform with Ted Kennedy signs you proudly handed out. You all show yourselves to be quite the humanitarians. Oh wait, I forgot. You guys celebrate not promoting the well being of your fellow Americans. Patriots that you are. Good job with defending the fat cats, though. Maybe one day they’ll return the favor.

  3. Honey, Maybe you should learn how to get your point across without accusing everyone of being involved with death threats against Obama…or some who carry signs, such as the one about Kennedy, who did so… was in very poor taste of getting their point across.

    Maybe you need to go to my site and read some of my articles…where I have come right out and told them that guns don’t need to be at town halls meetings in anyway, death threats are not warrented in anyway, ect. You are right I oppose Obama and I will stand up against his policies…but I and alot of others do not want any harm or violence towards him in anyway.

    We are opposing fat cats, whether Republicans or Democrats. We are opposing Government in General. We are opposing radicals that are stripping our Constitutional Rights from us for years and years now. And I am sorry to tell you that Obama is following the same “THAT SAME OLD ROAD OF GOVERNMENT THAT HAS BEEN THERE FOR YEARS AND YEARS NOW”. So, yes we are opposing Obama Presidency, too.

    • Let me ask you this then…

      How are you going to make sure that the republicans that you elect back into power are going to actually become fiscally responsible, when they have not shown a TRUE history of being so?

      It sounds like to me that you guys need to start a whole new party, but that’s not what I am seeing here. And I’m sorry, but this notion that you guys are for fiscal responsibility just falls flat when you guys slept through 8 years of Bushes fiscal irresponsibility.

      My whole issue with the TB’s is that basic hypocrisy. When the democrats/liberals were calling for some oversight of the Bush administration, and demanding to know where the billions of dollars that magically disappeared in Iraq went to, that would have been a GREAT time for the teabaggers to stand up and join in. But you didn’t.

      So what happened? And why do you think that republicans are the answer, when a large part of the problem started with them in charge?

    • Are you still there? Would love for you to answer my last response.

  4. the photograph speaks for itself…..even if you’re drunk, your vision can’t be that blurred
    and next year is next year….

    by the way, fox is headed by murdoch. do these republican zealots really think that an austrailian has the best interests of this country in mind?

  5. Like I said before, I can’t be responsible for everyone’s attitutde…only mine. I don’t like lairs, Obama, Mc Cain, Bush, the Clintons, ect. And it is most of them in Washington DC right now………in both houses.

    I don’t like crooks and cheats…which includes most of them as well. Charlie Rangel-tax fraud: Barney Frank-sex with male page in mens bathroom there at the Capitol: Bill Clinton-sex in the oval office: And there are Republican ones too.

    Most of us just don’t care what party is in….just an honest adminstration…who care and will live up to the oath they took to get into that office (to live by and protect the US Constitution) which no one has done for years now (dem’s and rep’s).

    It started with the Bill Clinton years for me…lie to the american people and to a grand jury. Broke the law of our land.
    Then Bush and all his shit…and the bailout of wall street. I turned my back on John Mc Cain for saying one thing and doing another. I didn’t vote last November for Mc Cain or Obama. I voted for Mighty Mouse.

    This next election the American People like myself will be looking at the canidates in all seat through a magnifing glass. One wrong move or lie…get us someone else for this one is gone.

    You are somewhat right on one thing: TeaParties should have started along time ago but I guess that everyone wanted or expected their neighbors to do it for them. I am glad to see that people are standing up to keep america what it is…and has been……..not what a party , whether it be democrats or republicans, wants to make it. I hope I have answered your questions……I did try my hardest too get you to understand I can’t answer for everyone and I don’t share all the beliefs and idea’s of them. I am me…an honest person, who has raised 8 kids, worked hard all my life, and someone who wants these two political parties put a stop to trying to ruin each other at the expense of us taxpayers and this country.

    • Well, good luck with finding a perfect politician. I’ve found that the ones who’ve made it the furthest all have dirt on their hands. In the end, I have no choice but to vote for and with the lesser of two evils. I hope that that helps you understand my point of view a little better. I could never trust anything that a republican say. And while I don’t typically trust any politician 100%, republican or democrat or independent, I do know that some are worse for us than others.

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