Project Runway, I Quit You

Rarely does a reality show get me to my keyboard, blogging away about it. Most of my blogs tend to lean towards politics, but I need my guilty pleasures. The things that I do to keep me slightly sane; create art/jewelry, watch Project Runway, and Haagen Dazs. Yes, I “do” Haagen Dazs. The time has come for me to cross one of those three things off my list.

The season finale of Project Runway really irked me in ways that competition reality shows rarely do. When Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen, was I annoyed? Yes… But, rationally speaking, anytime you have America voting, you never know what you are going to get. So, while Lambert is 100x more talented than Allen can ever hope to be, I can accept the outcome. ‘sides, the most talented people often do not win American Idol. The thing with Project Runway, however, is that we have these “fashion experts” who are touted as individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s fresh and next in the world of fashion. They are supposed to know what we want before WE know what we want! Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Gretchen Jones all apparently have their fingers on the pulse of some corpse rotting away in some grave of some woman wearing those “fashion forward” rags. They’ve collectively channeled her, and Gretchen’s Project Runway, $100,000 grand prize is the result! And all just in time for Halloween!

Last night, we were told that Bohemian was “fashion forward.” That Gretchen knows what is “now,” and that thin, cheap looking material was sexy. And an “easy” sexy at that.  The American woman wants Granola, and she wants it now!

Now, if this was the only problem I had with Project Runway over the last couple of seasons, more than likely I would not be breaking up with them. I would shake it off as a bad season and gear up for some fresh and creative talent next year. But frankly, I do not like the road that they have been traveling the last several seasons – since the move to Lifetime. The judges have gotten meaner and the contestants have gotten weaker. There is more focus on drama than there is a focus on creativity. Ivy made it from week to week for one reason. She’s a complete cunt. Which = drama.

I also believe that they picked Gretchen as the winner before the competition began. (Which, honestly, is a big part of the reason that their critique was contradictory. Last week Michael C was told his collection colors were too matchy-matchy. Yet Gretchen’s all brown collection, all with the same cheap looking fabrics, was not too matchy matchy – she won.)

Gretchen won the first two challenges on these creations:

There is simply nothing innovative about those pieces, yet the judges praised her for them. They are drab and common, Bargain Bin basics.

I was baffled by her wins at the start, but I never imagined that she would make it to the finale on those designs. WINNING certainly did not cross my mind.

They then awarded her later on for the following design:

Again. Drab and uninspiring.

Mondo, on the other hand, delivered:

And for Fashion Week, Mondo from head to toe, created fabulous pieces. Do I get that some people find his clothing over the top, yes I do. Not all people are into bold colors, or such an aggressive use of patterns. But there is no doubt whatsoever – Mondo has creativity oozing out of his pores.

The biggest thing that I did not get about Kors’ and Garcia’s criticism of Mondo is that he did not do anything for Fashion Week that was any more over the top than the fashions he created throughout the season. Perhaps their criticism would not have seemed so bizarre if they had voiced this concern prior to the final show. Instead, Mondo won for a lot of those pieces. I also found the fact that they were peeved because  he did not alter or toss 1 dress that they did not like catty. You have two women who have actually walked the red carpet of countless events telling them that they would rock that dress in a heartbeat, but the two old farts who think they know it all were displeased, therefore Mondo should have changed it for them. Really? They have been buying into their own hype for far too long.

After it’s all said and done, I know that Mondo will have a fabulous career ahead of him. He is innovative and creative and has more talent in his eyelashes than Gretchen has in her entire body. He’s gracious and down to earth, and seems to be an all around good person. An individual who can openly admit when they are wrong is a human being who is open to growth. He was on the “I hate Michael C” bandwagon until he worked with him and realized that he was not the person he thought he was. He openly admitted he was wrong. It takes a person with true character to do that.

That is all a sharp contrast to Gretchen. A complete bitchcunt who feels that the world revolves around her, and when someone doesn’t like what she does it’s personal. She harbors negative energy and, I’d say that it’s festering at her core and she is not happy unless she’s making others unhappy.  I could almost tolerate some of that from her were she actually more talented. Almost. IMO, there is no excuse for people to be as ugly as she is.

Fire Garcia and Kors and perhaps I will consider taking you back, but as of now – Project Runway, I quit you.


10 Responses to “Project Runway, I Quit You”

  1. I too, was so annoyed that I had to blog a post (I usually don’t rant in public, and about reality TV shows too!):

  2. I am disgusted too and will not be watching PR, along with RHONJ, ever again. I think Michael Kors picked Gretchen so he wouldn’t have much competition in the real world and Nina Garcia liked Gretchen’s stuff because her clothes go perfectly with Nina’s drab, boring hair (non)style. The best description I could give Gretchen’s designs is couture for the Amish.

    • They just seemed so petty and catty. I hope that was worth it to them. They have killed any and all credibility for that show.

  3. very funny because I’m going to rant about it in my blog later today if I have anything else to say because I’ve been complaining all morning

    Last year was the first year where I was okay with the winner but before then it has been year after year of the leader and most innovative designer during the season always loses in the end.

    I’ve read a lot of people complain that Mondo’s stuff was not wearable. Are you kidding. maybe not the Walmart shopper but I can totally see those plaids in Target equals wearable.

    this whole season I was wondering what was on the judges mind with some of the designers…their comments were demeaning a lot of times when they shouldn’t have been. Heidi appeared really catty sometimes which she never was. I quit them too. too much investment to lose every time

    • I think the produces must have told them they wanted them to bring more drama to the show. Which makes no sense, considering the show was doing great without the drama. I have not seen the comments from people who think that Gretchen’s clothing were more wearable. Older women in their 50’s and 60’s may not wear his clothing, but it’s awfully strange that all of a sudden Kors and Garcia were so concerned with whether or not the older crowd would get Mondo.

  4. Hilarious & true! You nailed it, but don’t quit watching! It’s too much fun! I love to hate Gretchen & her lousy clothes. And look at Mondo’s “coming out”! How great was that!

    Mondo will rule in the RW, I think.

  5. That was beautifully written. I concur with every single word. Thank you!


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