Jodi Arias Trial: Expert Witnesses for the Defense

Jodi AriasJodi Arias Trial: Expert Witnesses for the Defense

As we enter the fourth month of the Jodi Arias trial, the nation could not be more riveted. Arias is accused of killing Travis Alexander on June 4th, 2008. The prosecution has maintained that Arias is guilty of premeditated murder and is seeking the death penalty. Arias is claiming self defense and that she had no choice but to brutally murder Travis that day, inflicting 29 stab wounds, slashing his throat from ear to ear, and shooting him once in the face.

For months now, spectators have been drawn into the World of Jodi where sex, lies and audiotape has been on full display. Most recently, the defense has put forth experts to try to explain away Arias’s odd behavior after the crime and why she has no complete memories of what took place during and directly after the murder. (continue reading)


4 Responses to “Jodi Arias Trial: Expert Witnesses for the Defense”

  1. It is not relevant that she is a sociopath, or that she was “abused” by Travis Alexander. What is relevant is whether she was in imminent danger of deadly harm at the time, and whether the force she used was commensurate with the force that was to be (imminent) or was being used on her. The wounds themselves give you the answer to that question. They have made this trial an autobiography of Jodi Arias from the viewpoint and mind of Jodi Arias, and the experts who have testified in her behalf cannot take a impartial view because if they interviewed everyone else involved in her life, they would not be able to believe her. To believe Jodi Arias is to say that her father is a pervert, her mother is a dingbat who did not see that her husband was abusing her child and who did nothing to protect her child from the father’s perversions and abuse, and Travis Alexander is a pedophile who beat on her. The whole trial has been sidetracked, and a weak Judge has allowed it to happen


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