Giving Jodi Arias the Benefit of the Doubt


All geeks know that there is one question that we should always have an answer to, no matter who is asking, when they’re asking, or how they choose to ask it. That question?

If you had ONE power, what would it be?

My answer is lame in that it is boring and somewhat predictable, but I give it every time – the Power of INVISIBILITY. Oh, the things I would do with that power! (My fantasy is to sneak into the members of congress abodes wearing a sheer white sheet, with holes cut into them for eyes, and playing Ghost of Christmas Past/Present/Future until I scare them into working together for once.) Sure, the ability to control the elements and rain down hellfire upon all who oppose me (or cut me off in traffic) would be WAY cool in theory… but, then, who is stuck with the cleaning bill? Now, if I could be invisible while raining downeth the helleth-fire, I would be unstoppable; and, I wouldn’t care so much about the cleaning bill.

The reason I bring this up is because, as usual these days, I have had the Jodi Arias trial on my mind. I appreciate the Devil’s Advocate every now and then and I just wanted to ponder what it would take for me to actually buy into The Jodi Arias Defense. What would it take for me to say, “I believe her,” I wondered. After thinking about the facts of the case, it dawned on me what power Jodi Arias would likely choose if the Fairy Goddess of All Magical Powers appeared to her one night in her cold, dank jail cell (I like to think of it as a dungeon, really) and asked her the one question that every geek (and millions of others) would just die to hear, “If I could grant you just one power, what would it be?”

Jodi’s Answer: Mind Control.

While Mind Control can be defined in different ways, depending on the creative mind that backs it, it is basically what the title suggests: the power to force another being to do something by thought or command involuntarily. THIS is the super power Jodi Arias needs in order to convince me (and many others) that the way that she claims the events of June 04, 2008 unfolded actually happened.

If you are new to the case, Jodi Arias killed her on again/off again boyfriend, Travis Alexander, and is now standing trial for his murder. Arias claims that she killed Alexander in self defense after months of physical and psychological abuse. She says she has Battered Women’s Syndrome and PTSD. The prosecution contends that she premeditated his murder and killed him in a jealous rage. Arias faces the death penalty.

To give Arias the benefit of the doubt is to engage in such a rigorous form of “suspension of disbelief” that you, yourself, may lose control of your own mind and end up in the loony bin, complete with drool on your chin and a lovely, starch-white straight jacket to aid in giving yourself long, warm hugs. (Cozy!)

Here is what we must believe in order to give Jodi Arias the benefit of the doubt in this case:

  1. It really was just a coincidence that a gun of the same caliber, used in the murder, was “stolen” from her home mere days prior to killing Alexander. (Investigator says robbery looked staged.)
  2. It really did take 5 hours to get her nails did. (And, she didn’t get her hair dyed from Blonde to Brunette on the way to Arizona)
  3. That guy at the rent-a-car place is just colorblind and couldn’t tell the difference between blonde and brunette when he said that she was blonde when she picked up the car.
  4. The real reason she didn’t want that red rent-a-car is because she didn’t want to get a ticket. You know, because somehow, a red car controls how fast you drive.
  5. She simply forgot that the whole purpose of borrowing/buying gas cans was so she could get cheaper gas out of the state of California. That’s why she filled up the cans in California. Duh!
  6. Although she bought a gas can from Wal-Mart and paid for it with her credit card, she actually took that gas can back and received a cash refund for it.
  7. It’s just an oversight that Wal-Mart has no records of anyone returning a gas can that day.
  8.  A roving band of license plate flippers, on skateboards, flipped her license plate.
  9. Travis begged her to come see him after he called her an evil sociopath and told her that she was the worst thing that ever happened to him.
  10. She lost her charger and her phone went dead just before she entered AZ.
  11. Using her credit card everywhere else but AZ doesn’t look suspicious.
  12. Travis cut rope in the bathroom instead of measuring it to fit the bed in the bedroom.
  13. Travis’s bed was good for tying someone to it, even though it was a SLEIGH bed.
  14. Although she had destroyed his BMW, and he suspected her of slashing his tires twice, dropping Travis’s camera pissed him off enough to want to kill her. (I mean, OBVIOUSLY the camera still worked – oops.)
  15. She was so slick with her ninja-like moves that she ran into the closet, passed a bench, climbed flimsy shelves and grabbed a gun, in a MANIC dash to save her life, and not one thing was shoved, pulled, or kicked out of its place.
  16. Doing number 15 was actually easier than running down the stairs and out of the house.
  17. Doing number 15 made sense, even though she had no clue if the gun was loaded.
  18. She took Travis on 1 vs. 1, with no element of surprise, and only walked away with small cuts on her fingers.
  19. She shot Travis first, although the Medical Examiner said that he could not have been shot first due to the bullet in his brain being debilitating.
  20. She doesn’t remember anything about the stabbing, even 5 years later.
  21. It’s possible to remember how you “felt” during an act even if you have no clue what happened during the commission of said act.
  22. She, coincidentally, “came to” right before hitting a known checkpoint and saw her hands covered in blood and she was barefoot.
  23. She “must have” stopped in AZ to get gas and paid cash.
  24. No one wondered why a women covered in blood was walking around barefoot when she paid for the gas.
  25. It’s reasonable to “just know” you killed someone when the last thing you remember is that they were alive – but, still, you don’t remember killing them.
  26. She magically found her phone charger under her car seat after leaving AZ.
  27. All of those transactions in Utah that look like it was for gas, weren’t actually for gas.
  28. She only lied about not being there because she was scared.
  29. She only lied about the ninjas doing it because she was scared.
  30. Although the ideas of being put to death and/or spending the rest of your life in prison are scary ones, she’s not lying anymore.
  31. “Defending” herself from Travis gave her PTSD.
  32. It is normal for someone with PTSD to willingly be around things that remind them of the trauma; and behave normally – Talking to mutual friends, going to the house the “trauma” took place, asking repeatedly to see the crime scene photos, etc.
  33. Hiding behind and sleeping under your ex’s Christmas tree is normal.
  34. Repeatedly showing up uninvited to your ex’s house is normal.
  35. Peeping through your ex’s windows is normal.
  36. Hiding in your ex’s closet is normal.
  37. Climbing through your ex’s doggy door to gain access to their house is normal.
  38. Sleeping on your ex’s couch when they don’t even know you are there, and didn’t invite you over, is normal.
  39. 33-38 is just “normal stalking” and signs that someone is simply not ready for the relationship to end.
  40.  It’s not really stalking unless someone files for a restraining order.
  41. It’s normal, NOT jealousy, to drive hours to confront an ex-boyfriend’s new potential love interest.
  42. Travis was stuck in a 1970’s time warp and had to get his child porn in print form.
  43. Everything she said she didn’t like about sex with Travis is true.
  44. Having low self-esteem means pre-signing a manifesto in case you are famous for committing murder one day and thinking you’re Einstein-genius and that your art is good enough to hang next to Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s.
  45. A bunch of other stuff that I am surely forgetting.

UPDATED 04/24/2013

46. Your boyfriend wrapping his arms around you, holding you close in front of friends while he tells a story, is not a public display of affection.

47. That lady from Tesoro doesn’t know how to read  her own company’s gas receipts.

48. Deanna Reid really was “the crazy one.”

49. It’s possible to selectively delete incriminating photos (ONLY) in a trauma-induced fog.

50. Darryl Brewer was hallucinating and only thinks that Jodi told him she needed the gas cans because she was taking a trip to Arizona, TWO DAYS PRIOR to going to Mesa.

Yup. Jodi Arias had better hope that magic is real because that may be her only hope. But… of course, all the state would have to do is provide the jurors with mind control protection helmets and all of her granted powers would be for naught! (muwaha.)

The Jodi Arias trial is on hiatus until Tuesday April 23, 2013. The state will continue its rebuttal case at 9:30am MST.


19 Comments to “Giving Jodi Arias the Benefit of the Doubt”

  1. I really wish the jury could see a copy of this lol. Great job!

  2. This is just like the “mountain” of evidence against Amanda Knox. None of it stands up to scrutiny.
    I refer you to for most of the reasons.

    and to

    for the hard physical evidence that PROVES Jodi was defending herself.

    • Nothing you said debunked anything. Your list is just what it looks like to put your head into the sand and pretend that reality means nothing. If we do this with the JA case, with not with all the others? Our prisons would be empty. No one would ever need 3 gas cans to make it through the desert from CA to AZ because there are plenty of gas stations along the way. When googling for tips to travel through the desert, you don’t hear about packing gas cans. You hear about packing things you would need if you break down. Like water and blankets, etc. You also have to remember that she said wasn’t planning to go to AZ, according to her. She said she was already on the road when Travis “guilted” her into going to see him. That’s why it’s a big deal that Darryl Brewer said that JA asked for the gas cans because she said she was going to Mesa TWO DAYS before the trip. There are a lot of other problems with what you posted, but I am not going to go through them because it was either written by someone who is a shill for the JA defense team, or someone who hasn’t really been following the case. Toodles!

      • Um, this was not in Jodi’s favor. It was a list of her lies.

      • Yea, for some reason it didn’t post as a response to the guy who gave a list of things that supposedly debunked what is in this post. So it looks like it was regarding THIS post and not the link he posted. lol Oh well.

    • The I-10 from LA to Mesa has gas stations at almost every exit. JA used to drive there from PD, so she knows this. It’s also a very heavily traveled road with call boxes. You’d have to be stupid to think you’d need gas cans to get from LA to Mesa, or from Mesa to Utah. How do you think the millions of visitors to the Grand Canyon (Hoover Dam, Vegas, Kingman, Bullhead City) get there and back without gas cans? Because there are thousands of gas stations out there. Anyone who’s driven those routes knows its not like venturing into a desert like the Kalahari. Duh.

  3. Great list, yet you have only scratched the surface. There is so much more. Here’s one: Travis was shot with a .25 caliber. She says she shot him with Travis’s own gun. Here are my problems with that:

    1. There is no record of Travis ever owning a gun
    2. The gun was loaded, yet there was no other ammunition in the house.
    3. Gun owners need to have gun cleaning equipment, or their guns become unusable, yet no gun cleaning equipment was found in the house.
    4. Travis used to go shooting with his friends. He never brought his own gun. He had to borrow guns from others.
    5. Travis liked expensive, high quality things. He had a BMW, nice house, nice suits, etc. Yet he chooses, as his only firearm, the cheap, poorly performing, inaccurate, lady-purse Saturday NIght Special, usually priced under a hundred bucks.

  4. Great summation of the lies Jodi told on the witness stand! The only thing missing is the “missing time” on Jodi’s trip to killTravis.

  5. 1. Jodi helped Travis pack his Christmas things in the attic on the day she saw the kiddie porn, but there was nothing stored in the attic in June when he was killed, so he must have taken the Christmas stuff out of the attic sometime before June for no apparent reason and with no corroborating evidence.

    2. Travis didn’t own a gun. No, he didn’t own a gun. Yes, Travis owned a gun.

    3. LaViolette thought Jodi told her that she was planning a trip to AZ before Utah. But then Jodi told LaViolette that Jodi never said that, and LaViolette just imagined it.

    4. LaViolette thought Jodi said that the kiddie porn was on the computer. Then Jodi told LaViolette that Jodi never said that, and LaViolette just imagined it.

    5. Travis’ computer was chock full of pictures of women’s breasts. Except that it wasn’t.

    6. Ryan Burns was lying when he said that Jodi tried to dry hump him in his bed.

    7. Jodi’s father was lying when he said that Jodi lied about everything starting from age 14, because Jodi’s father was abusive and wants to discredit anything she might say about him.

    8. Jodi’s friend Dan Freeman lied when he said there was no such spat at Havasupai.

    9. It is normal to walk in the front door of your ex-boyfriend’s date, later that night.

    10. She didn’t go to the hospital to get her finger fixed, because she wanted to protect Travis.

    11. Her handwriting didn’t change because she had a broken finger.

    12. She had anal sex with 3 men before meeting Travis, but she found it degrading when he did it to her.

    13. She had been giving men oral sex since age 15, for a dozen years. But she found it degrading when he wanted her to do it.

    14. After he broke up with her, they were still a couple.

    15. When he told his friends that he was terrified she was going to kill him, he was not afraid of her.

    16. When she said she felt terrific after having sex with her, she really felt used and dirty.

    17. Her psychological tests were valid, even though she lied on them.

    17.5. She cut her finger cutting apples. She cut her finger on a broken glass at a non-existent restaurant called Margaritaville. She cut her finger on a broken glass at Travis’ house. Travis broke her finger by kicking it. She did not cut her finger when the blood was gushing out of Travis and her hand slipped as she shoved the knife into him again and again and again and again and again.

    18. It is appropriate for a psychological evaluator to give gifts to someone they are evaluating.

    19. It is not abusive for her to habitually kick and punch her mother.

    20. It is appropriate for an evaluator to spend 10 times the normal number of hours doing an evaluation.

    21. It is appropriate for a psychological evaluator to give books on psychological syndromes to someone they are evaluating psychologically.

    22. A witness is credible even if they change their testimony on multiple material points from one hearing to another.

    23. A witness is credible even if their resume says they were the “keynote speaker” and the only documentary evidence available says that someone else was the keynote speaker.

    24. A witness is credible even if they claim credentials they do not have, and it saves their credibility if they say “but I was willing to have those credentials.”

    25. It is hearsay evidence if a witness says “Jodi told me that…”, but it is not hearsay evidence if the witness says “My impression from speaking with Jodi was that…”

    26. An impression gained from a cherry-picked selection of documentary evidence is the same impression that would be gained from the full, un-redacted set of documentary evidence.

  6. Just fantasitic…should be printed in pamphlet form and passed to both the jury and the defense!

  7. Whoops! Misspelled fantastic!

  8. Awesome post! Every thing you said is so true! Jodie and her witnesses have all proven to be a group of idiots lacking any common sense. I have teenagers that lie better than Jodie! She not only is a borderline personality but a NARCISSIST like I have never seen.

  9. George Barwood represent the Hodi is innocent website delusional and obsessive (over skanky female killers it appears) lets just pray this jury gets it right, and that the lying stalking premeditated psycho butt-sl*t killer is senrt to DEATH ROW she doesn’t deserve to suck oxygen
    there was a comment on their sick support site about someone wishing they “could have mentored Hodi when she was going through her “love” for TA” if you need a “mentor” you most definetely SHOULD NOT be in a relationship… and for this skank LIFE should be ended let out she WILL kill again jmho

  10. And of course you have the pervert GB commenting hey he wrote the new wiki meanings, dotcha know he is a freak of nature, NOT he is just a dirty old perverted man that wants some of what the slut was handing out.

    What about her killing doggy boy, or abusing the two cats we heard about, not to mention hitting her brother in the head with a bat, and don’t forget the abuse she gave to her mother. This girl thought she could get through life handing over sexual favors and sexually manipulating men for strawberry fraps. Lets not forget the magic in her panties.

    She planned this brutal murder and it is known by all but a few people with what I call a special disease called: Hybristophilia:
    “is a paraphilia of the predatory type in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, cheating, lying, known infidelities or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery.” The term is derived from the Greek word ὑβρίζειν hubrizein, meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” (ultimately derived from ὕβρις hubris “hubris”), and philo, meaning “having a strong affinity/preference for”.[1] In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”.

    Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison which is sometimes amorous or sexual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.[2][3]

    Hybristophilia is accepted as potentially lethal, among other such paraphilias including, but not being limited to, asphyxiophilia, autassassinophilia, biastophilia and chremastistophilia.[4]

    I urge any and all skank AriASS supporters to seek help immediately they are ill monsters that the world can do with out.

  11. Don’t forget while Travis was out of town the ho snuck in his house and was baking cookies. And remember all 3 anal sex partners were only the ones we learned about how many more? Hundreds or thousands. Or the hacking into his phone, his bank accounts, his FB, My Space and it goes on and on and on, stealing an engagement ring for someone else.

  12. Juan should blow this up on the big screen and just go through it point by point for the new jury. Awesome job, guys.

  13. George is a fraud and nothing more. He’s thinking with his wee d*ck at all times. He’s been debunked a million ways. He insists on lying which serves no purpose. The skunt has been convicted. That vile creep is all over the net. He’s on every article, blog & social media 24/7. It’s disgusting what a waste of human space he.

  14. Over a year later and after the conviction. This is still a good read.

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