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June 5, 2015

Postings – The Problem With Iggy Azalea

A onehit wonder is a person or act known mainly for only a single success. The term is most often used to describe music performers with only one Top 20 hit single or for having one signature song which overshadows their other work.

Post that sparked my response:

I’m looking at these comments and I’m thinking many of you should be embarrassed of yourselves. If you’re not, I’m embarrassed for you and for your parents. There was a time when people looked for the good in life. We gave constructive criticism, but first we gave credit where credit was due. We were taught if you didn’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I look at these mean comments and the profile faces are so young. Where did you young people learn to be so hate filled? Who told you being mean was acceptable? It is not acceptable to cowardly sit behind a computer and try and break others down with your meaningless words. This bullying might seem to make you appear strong or tough to your peers. It doesn’t! It shows your weakness, it highlights your sadness, it exposes the emptiness of your souls. Instead of spewing hatred about what others have accomplished, get off the computer, go in search of yourselves and search for the meaning of your existence. When you find it, you too will be able to accomplish anything with pride.

My response to the post:

First off… Iggy is incredibly entitled and is not free from making mean comments on the internet herself. Maybe they learned it from her?


Iggy rapped about being a runaway slave master. Maybe that is okay in the genre of country or rock, but if she wants to be a respected rapper, maybe do not refer to yourself as a slave master given that you are white and a significant portion of rap fans are black.

Iggy believes that she should be regarded as the best female rapper in the game, but her skills are grossly lacking and she cannot even freestyle. She LIP SYNCS when she RAPS. Why?

Iggy does not feel like she should pay her dues which is why she tried to headline an ARENA tour. She is not a headliner, yet (likely never will be), which is why she could not find any opening acts and so many of the venues had poor ticket sales. SHE should be opening for more established artists given that most of her success has been from being on OTHER people’s songs.

Iggy is not remotely humble. She thinks the fact that she is rapping and white and a female is all she should need to be crowned queen of rap. What’s worse is that she continues to compare herself to Eminem, someone who, (controversial lyrics aside) is considerably more talented than her. He was not free from his own backlash when he came out, given the subject matter of most of his songs, but that controversy ended up helping him BECAUSE he is talented. Most importantly, he was himself.

Iggy has no identity. Before she decided to be a rapper who raps, not with her own Aussie accent, but the accent of black southern female rappers, she was trying to be Britney Spears 2.0 – a pop artist – blaccent nowhere to be heard. You cannot want to be regarded as a well respected rapper when you commit the number 1 crime of being INAUTHENTIC. Rappers have been dragged through the mood for ages when something about their stage persona contradicts their real life or vice versa.

I am saying all this to say that Iggy has brought a lot of this backlash on herself. Yea, there are a lot of young people who are experiencing schadenfreude over her failures, and they are not expressing themselves in the most mature way, but if Iggy wants people to react differently to her, it is has to start with her. BE REAL.

There will always be “haters” but there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to be an Iggy fan.