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September 8, 2009

Why should we vote for republicans?

I wonder if the republican party realizes that, just because the democrats got voted into office, it doesn’t mean that everyone who voted for them think that they are perfect. It’s not like we are all happy with everything they have done, or have not done… But, when your only other real option are the republicans… why in the world would any sane, rational individual vote for them?

I hear people talking about voting the democrats out of office in 2010 because they didn’t “do what they promised” and it’s clear that they aren’t really thinking things through. That they are just in the heat of the moment… But, when it comes down to actually voting…  Why would the public, as a whole, trust the party that was at the helm when our economy tanked? Why would we trust a party that has fallen back on their previous tactics of scaring people into voting for them? Why would we trust a party that doesn’t actually put forth any solutions, but simultaneously say NO to anything that is proposed by the opposing party?

These are questions that the republicans should be asking themselves. Why should people who are truly open to voting for either party WANT to vote republican? They aren’t gaining NEW supporters with their fear mongering. They are just pandering to a very loud, minority base. Just because more people may be unhappy with the president than before, it doesn’t mean that those unhappy people are daft enough to support the republican party come election time. Best case scenario, for the republicans, is that they simply don’t vote at all. Worst case scenario, they scare even more people into going out to vote AGAINST them.

It’s early, yet. Not even a full year into Obama’s first term. While the republicans may feel like they are winning a couple of tiny battles here and there,  I predict that these underhanded tactics are going to come back to haunt their party. Americans are fickle and irrational at times, but once time passes and things DO improve, we will have forgotten about the fright-wing and their desperate tactics. And… in the end, they will be even worse off than they are now.

While I’m not a democrat, and more libertarian than anything, at this point in time I could never support the republicans. So, republicans… Please tell me, why do you deserve my vote? What are YOU going to do to better our country?