Obama and the FM’s: Corrections

Relevant corrections appear at the end of the original entry.

This entry has been inspired by a comment that I received from a McCain supporter. I like to try to deal in fact as much as possible. Supporters on both sides are subject to being deceived by campaigns stretching the truth, cherry picking information and at times, even out right lying.

Jen C left an “impassioned” response to my blog regarding Republicans Turning on McCain. It wasn’t MY blog, but a blog supplied by The Huffington Post (yes yes, that horrible Liberal Rag!) I somehow doubt that she actually READ the article, but c’est la vie!

The icing on the cake from Jen’s response was a link to YouTube that she left of Obama “confessing” to being Muslim. ::rolls eyes:: Now, one would think that I wouldn’t waste time with such drivel, but it does give me the opportunity to highlight more lies from the McCain Camp.

As such I am led to the following…

As supplied by FactCheck:

McCain’s allegation about Obama’s contributions from the FMs is not true. As we’ve said many times, it’s illegal for candidates to accept contributions directly from corporations. But the FEC does keep track of the employers of individuals who give at least $200 to candidates. And according to the respected nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, in the 2008 election cycle Barack Obama has received $18,150 from employees of Freddie Mac. CRP does not list any Obama contributions from Fannie Mae.

Let’s not stop there:

But Obama is not No. 2 on the list of those getting contributions from the two companies, as McCain said. In fact, he ranks fourth in combined contributions, trailing Sen. Christopher Dodd, Rep. Melissa Bean and Sen. Lamar Alexander. McCain also neglects to mention his own $9,500 from Freddie Mac.

Somehow, I doubt that the John McCain supporters have a problem with McCain also receiving money from employees of Freddie Mac. Let’s call this one of those “educated guesses.”


Obama is second on the list of those getting contributions from employees of only Freddie Mac. But, seriously, neither candidate’s number really makes much difference. Obama has raised more than $389.4 million in the 2008 election cycle. That makes his combined contributions from the FMs work out to roughly 0.005 percent of his total contributions.

Know what is even more of a hoot??

And McCain has raised about $174.2 million, making his combined FM contributions work out to … 0.005 percent.

Oh and as far as his other ties to the FM’s?

On June 4, Obama announced that Caroline Kennedy, Eric Holder and Jim Johnson would head his VP search committee. Kennedy, of course, is the daughter of JFK. Holder was Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general. Johnson remained on Obama’s committee for just a week. He resigned on June 11, amid allegations that Johnson received preferential treatment from Countrywide Financial Corp.

But Johnson wasn’t the current CEO of Fannie Mae, as you might think from listening to McCain. He left nine years ago, in 1999.

Source: http://wire.factcheck.org/2008/09/18/freddie-fannie-and-barack/

I, of course, respect voters decision to support John McCain, but before running with every little thing he says, they may want to verify it first. He’s been known to lie.

In the interest of fairness and keeping voters informed: Obama’s Lies.


Source: http://wire.factcheck.org/2008/09/19/freddie-fannie-and-barack-%e2%80%94-corrected/

Turns out, our initial post “Freddie, Fannie and Barack” was erroneous. We’ve struck out the incorrect sections from our earlier post.

We said originally that Obama was the fourth largest recipient of donations from troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That’s wrong. Our post was drawn from data from the Center for Responsive Politics’ Web site, OpenSecrets.org. But the data we used were incomplete.

We talked to a spokesperson from the Center for Responsive Politics who told us that looking at all election cycles since 1989 (the first year for which CRP has data), Barack Obama is in fact the second-largest recipient of contributions from employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, their unemployed spouses and dependent children and both of the FMs’ political action committees.

According to CRP, Obama’s total contributions from the FMs work out to $126,349. Of that sum, $6,000 comes from the FMs’ political action committees, and the rest from individuals who work for one of the two companies. Obama’s FM contributions account for about 0.03 percent of his total contributions to date. McCain’s FM haul is a smaller $21,550, all from individuals. That’s about 0.01 percent of his total contributions. We stand by our doubts that either candidate will be much swayed by numbers of this size.


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